Bozena Davey


Malone Law Group

Bozena Davey (“Bo”) is a paralegal at Malone Law Group.  She has worked in a legal field since 1991.  She has extensive knowledge and skills in estate planning/probate, real estate, corporate and business law, litigation, as well as knowledge of legal procedures and court systems.  She is proficient in computer software and office equipment.

Bozena holds a BA degree in English from the University of Gdansk, Poland and a graduate degree in Attorney Assistant Training Program from the UCLA, Los Angeles, California.

Bozena is a valuable and appreciated member of the Malone legal team, and our clients find her to be dedicated and helpful in handling their legal matters.

Bozena grew up in Poland and speaks fluent Polish, some Russian and German.  She has served as a Court qualified and DSHS certified interpreter/translator of Polish/English language in the Seattle area since 1994.