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State and Local Tax

States and their political subdivisions continue to experience significant budget shortfalls, as governmental expenditures continue to outpace revenues. Taxing authorities have become increasingly aggressive in their audit and enforcement efforts, resulting in a significant increase in the issuance of deficiency assessments. Also, the slow recovery of the real estate market has resulted in a greater number of property tax valuation disputes.

The impact of state and local taxation is particularly challenging for multistate businesses, which must cope with the complexity and inconsistency of the tax structures of multiple taxing jurisdictions.

With over two decades of experience with state and local taxation, we regularly represent clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from emerging local businesses to multinational enterprises. Our clients benefit from our expertise with a broad array of state and local taxes, including sales tax, use tax, income tax, gross receipts tax, property tax, real estate excise tax, leasehold excise tax, and other business taxes. We provide a full range of state and local tax services, including:

  •  Developing and implementing strategies for minimizing the state and local tax costs of business operations and major transactions.
  • Guidance with qualifying for exemptions, credits and deferrals, obtaining private letter rulings, and restructuring operations and agreements to improve future tax positions following audits.
  • Advice and representation in connection with defending audit examinations, tax enforcement proceedings, and administrative appeals and tax refund trial and appellate litigation.